Pet Adoptions  

Looking for a pet? Check with us first and save a life. We get a lot of animals that we can adopt out. However, because so many shelters are full, we don't have places to send all the animals we take in. Come see us first, select a new companion, and let us arrange for adoption through one of our rescue groups.

Potential adopters can come directly to the shelter to fill out an application, and we can quickly & easily make all the necessary contacts for you to ensure a speedy yet efficient process.

Please note, we do not accept cash for adoptions or impound or boarding fees.

Animal Control Shelter Visitation Policy and Procedure  

The purpose of this policy is to establish guidelines and procedures for public visitation of animals at the Animal Control Shelter.  In order to protect the public and animals from harm and to lessen the possible transmission of zoonotic diseases (diseases that are naturally transmissible between animals and humans) the following procedures shall be adhered to by all persons visiting the Animal Control Shelter facility:

  1. Public visitation of the animals shall take place between the hours of 1:00 p.m. and 4:45pm. Monday through Sunday
  2. All persons must sign in upon their arrival at the Animal Control Shelter at the main office
  3. All persons must be escorted by an authorized member of the Animal Control staff to the shelter areas, to include kennels and within the complex
  4. No smoking is permitted within the shelter areas
  5. Proper foot wear must be worn in the shelter areas; (no open toe footwear)
  6. No person under the age of eighteen (18) shall be allowed to enter the shelter areas without adult supervision
  7. No person shall open the animal cages
  8. No person shall touch or handle the animals without the express permission of the Animal Control staff
  9. No person shall put their hand(s) in or near the animal cages without the express permission of the Animal Control staff
  10. All persons must sign out before departing the Animal Control Shelter

The shelter is located at 7211 Sallie Mood Drive, (Behind the Humane Society)
Click Here for Map & Directions

Check the Adoption Preparedness Checklist

Local Animal Rescue Groups  

Humane Society of Greater Savannah
7215 Sallie Mood Dr.
Savannah, GA 31406
(912) 354-9515

Coastal Pet Rescue
(912) 228-3538

One Love Animal Rescue
(912) 572-1251
Fostering Opportunities

GRRR (GA Rescue, Rehabilitation and Relocation)
Breff Conley (912) 663-3010 or (912) 656-9792


Imagine Pet Rescue
(904) 571-0455
Fostering Opportunities

You may also visit On the home page, go to the left hand side of the screen and look for welfare or rescue group section. You can type in a Savannah zip code and more rescue groups should pull up, including the groups listed above.

If you have a pure-bred animal, you can Google the breed and the words 'rescue Savannah, GA', and local breed-specific rescue websites will show up.